BANGBANG is ovine blood & bone + egg protein + fish

rabbit repellent

Research confirms that a foliar and/or ground spray of animal protein is an effective odour-based animal repellent to a wide range of pests that browse trees and plants. It works by emitting an odour that animals associate with predators, causing them to move on.

BANGBANG is animal protein of ovine blood & bone + egg protein + fish that not only repels browsers but also nurtures trees and plants. NPK inherent in blood & bone and fish protein also feeds and boosts plant resilience and health. Natural stickers and spreaders in the oils adhere to the plant to prolong efficacy. BANGBANG is supplied as a 500mL or 1L concentrate. Here's the BANGBANG advantage:

  1. The smell and texture of decaying animal protein is repulsive to a wide range of browsers
  2. An effective hare and rabbit repellent around the home garden and lifestyle block
  3. Does NOT harm the tree
  4. Inherent NPK nurtures and feeds the plant
  5. 100% natural active ingredients
  6. Uses byproducts from our primary industries
  7. Easy to apply - just add to water 
  8. Multi-redundancy repellency ie: fish + egg + blood are all repulsive to pests
  9. Safe on the environment
  10. Effective for 4-6 weeks
  11. Made in New Zealand

rabbit repellent, possum repellent


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