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What NEW products are coming up?

PESTBANG is currently trialing a FATBANG 2:1 concentrate in order to double the final volume of spray, and so ultimately reduce costs. So a 4L container will need another 4L of water added to make a 8L final spray thereby treating about 400 seedlings. The final mix will be no different to the current FATBANG 200 product in terms of its consistency and viscosity. Freight costs are expensive - especially to the north island - so a concentrate will help reduce costs. This new FATBANG 400 product is...

April 21, 2021

How do animal repellents work?

Repellents generally rely on fear, conditioned avoidance, pain, or taste...or a combination of several. Fear-inducing repellents contain compounds that emit sulfurous odors such as predator urine or faeces, animal proteins, or garlic. The avoidance of these odours can be considered a fear response, suggesting herbivores perceive sulfurous odours as indicators of predator activity. Conditioned avoidance occurs when ingestion of a food is paired with nausea or gastrointestinal distress. Animals ...

December 4, 2020

How long are these repellents effective?

Animal-protein based repellents like BANGBANG work by slowly oxidising and releasing a sulphurous odour that repels through smell as it decays. They do work, but over time will breakdown in air and sunlight which limits their effectiveness. This applies for any animal protein based repellent. That's just the way nature works...protein will naturally decay and rot away. So a 4-6 week effective protection period is about the most you should expect and it will need to be reapplied, especially ...

October 9, 2020

How to apply FATBANG and will it harm my trees?

Here are the main pointers for using FATBANG... FATBANG must be applied via a backpack spray unit due to its thick viscosity. A smaller hand-pump unit would not have the power to spray the fat.Do not use on edible crops as a coating of fat may not be palatableAlways avoid flowers, delicate plants or bipinnate foliageSPRAY A LIGHT COAT ONLY - and at high pressureThere is no need to cover the entire plant, just the area at most risk of ring-barking or chewingFATBANG is an effective hare and r...

October 1, 2020

How to apply BANGBANG and will it harm my plants?

Best practice is to NOT spray when plants-trees are stressed, that goes for the application of any spray. So avoid direct sunlight, hot weather, strong winds and also when the plant has already been sprayed in the last week with any other chemical. Best to spray early morning, evening or in cooler cloudy weather for best results. Spray BANGBANG lightly over the entire plant to the point of runoff Apply no more than once per monthFor edible crops wait 4-5 days before harvestingEffe...

September 26, 2020

Are imported repellents better?

As you know kiwis are the worlds most innovative number-8-wire inventors! No-one makes electric fences better than us, and we export to the world. Yet some animal repellent products are still imported - mostly from either the USA or UK...ridiculous!  Firstly, the energy and CO2 footprint to make the stuff, package it, transport it across the world then retail it here is ridiculous. Consumers now demand natural alternatives made locally for our conditions, not imports from the other sid...

September 25, 2020

Systemic repellents

Systemic sprays are designed to be absorbed by the target for systemic repellents the idea is that the plant will be sufficiently saturated with the repellent that when eaten its taste will do its work. Well that's bollocks! Firstly, the animal has to bite and chew the plant to get a taste, but by then it's too late as the plant will be stuffed, especially if they ring-bark or munch the young shoots and juicy growth points. Secondly, the chemicals used (ie: calcium chloride) would hav...

September 25, 2020

Plastic tree guards?

You may have seen thousands of those tree guards staked-out alongside state highways, local roads and lifestyle-blocks, etc. The version that is either coir mat or some sort of recycled cardboard-fibre product are ok and do the job, although they can be expensive and cumbersome. However the green plastic ones don't make sense. You may think we're biased and pushing our own product...well of course we are...but why not use a natural repellent instead of plastic?,I mean why plant a tree then add m...

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