BANGBANG Deer and Rabbit Repellent

Follow these tips...

BANGBANG is a 1:9 part concentrate, so for 1 litre BANGBANG 10 containers just add 9L of water to make 10L of final spray which will protect about 500 seedlings.  

Best practice is to NOT spray when plants-trees are stressed, and that goes for the application of any spray. So, avoid direct sunlight in hot weather, strong winds and also when the plant has already been sprayed in the last week with any other chemical. Best to spray early morning, evening or in cooler cloudy weather for best results.

BANGBANG can be applied either via a small handheld sprayer or knapsack unit.

Spray BANGBANG very lightly over the entire plant before the point of runoff. 

Apply no more than once per month.

BANGBANG is rain fast when it dries, but if rain is due then hold off for dry conditions before spraying.

Effective for at least 6+ weeks depending on ambient conditions.

Coverage is based on 20ml per planted standalone seedling. So 10L of final mix (from a BANGBANG 1L concentrate) will cover about 500 seedlings. However, if pre-sprayed prior to planting then that 10L of mix will treat about 2000-2500 boxed seedlings. 

BANGBANG will NOT harm most plants, however as above always follow best practice guidelines for all pest control repellents. We have tested on various common shelter-belt tree varieties, broad-leafs, conifers, eucalypts, natives, grasses, etc with no issues. However, as a disclaimer, because there are thousands of plants-trees-shrubs-grasses-ornamentals out there we cannot test them all so if in doubt just trial spray a small area and wait a week to see if any problems. Avoid flowers or delicate plants.


Keep stored in a cool place out of sunlight.

Do not mix with any other liquid.

Do not ingest the fluid.

Do not store where children may reach.

There is no real expiry date, however if storing for long periods then give it a decent shake-up every 60 days or so to keep it emulsified and ready for use.


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