How to apply FATBANG and will it harm my trees?

No it won't harm the tree but follow these tips...

FATBANG is supplied ready-mixed so just pour into the spray unit without dilution.

Here are the main pointers for using FATBANG...

  • FATBANG must be applied via a backpack spray unit due to its thick viscosity. A smaller hand-pump unit would not have the power to spray the fat. If the fluid seems a bit thick through the spray nozzle then add up to50 mls water per litre of FATBANG then shake well to mix.
  • Do not use on edible crops as a coating of fat may not be palatable
  • Always avoid flowers, delicate plants or bipinnate foliage
  • SPRAY A LIGHT COAT ONLY - and at high pressure
  • There is no need to cover the entire plant, just the area at most risk of ring-barking or chewing
  • FATBANG is an effective hare and rabbit repellent but only spray the foliage and trunk they can reach and not the whole tree
  • Best practice is to NOT spray when plants-trees are stressed, and that goes for the application of any spray. So avoid direct sunlight, hot weather, strong winds and also when the plant has already been sprayed in the last week with any other chemical. Best to spray early morning, evening or in cooler cloudy weather for best results
  • FATBANG will NOT harm most plants. We have tested on numerous common shelter-belt tree varieties, broadleafs, conifers, eucalypts, natives, deciduous trees, grasses, etc with few issues. However, because there are thousands of plants-trees-shrubs-grasses-ornamentals out there we cannot test them all so if in doubt just trial spray a small area and wait a week to see if any problems
  • FATBANG only needs to be applied once per 4-6 months. Forshiny waxy leaves it can be difficult to achieve a uniformcoating as any fluid will tend to slide off to the leaf margins. Thisis perfectly ok as the smell and texture of the fat will still deterthe pest.



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