What is the best rabbit or hare repellent?


There are 2 types of repellents - either animal protein or animal fat - both do the job of protecting trees and plants from grazing herbivore pests. 

Protein repellents will naturally degrade over a month or so, and so protection will fade - it will then need to be reapplied. Just mix BANGBANG with water at 1:9 ratio and apply with a hand-held or backpack sprayer. 

Animal fat repellents like FATBANG last longer (4-6 months) as the fat coating is more resilient to weathering. The fat has a higher viscosity so you will need a backpack sprayer to apply to fluid.  

Both repellents are effective at helping to protect trees - they simply make the tree or plant unattractive to the pest and encourage them to go elsewhere.


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