NO...we manufacture, package and freight our own products in Nelson. The repellents are made in small batches then shipped out to order - this means we offer them at a better price...this is direct-selling with lower overheads straight from the manufacturer.

You can buy through this website either via direct bank transfer (preferred!) OR credit card via the Stripe secure payment gateway. 


BANGBANG is more targetted at lifestyle-blockers and home gardeners. As an animal protein based product it naturally oxidizes and degrades over time in air and sunlight and so needs to be reapplied monthly for maximum protection. Its NPK also nurtures the tree so is more attractive to the smaller land-owner who lives on site and who can more easily keep a close watch and a monthly application. It is a potent protein based animal repellent with a 4-6 week protection profile. 

FATBANG is based on animal fat and aimed more at forestry, shelter-belts, lifestylers and property owners who require longer term protection for trees and seedlings where the visual impact of a light fat coat on the plant would not be an issue, or monthly visits are not possible. A 4-6 month max protection profile is possible with FATBANG.

BOTH formulations serve as potent animal repellents that help prevent rabbit hare damage as well as repel deer, possums and wallabies.  


NO...there is no pest repellent that is 100% guaranteed effective! The only real 100% method would be a secure fence. If the animal is stressed, starving, or just curious then it might take a look, but a FATBANG'ed or BANGBANG'ed plant will be a last resort food source and the animal will usually dine elsewhere. Note that these animal repellents do not kill or maim or poison the animal, they repel only.

As for other browsers - well we have tested FATBANG on horses to good effect to stop them eating young native seedlings, and to stop them ring-barking shelter trees. They seem sufficiently repulsed by FATBANG so try that if you have horse damage, especially wooden posts, stalls and structures.

We think that most customers will be mostly looking to repel deer, rabbits, hares as they are the usual culprits. However various district council and central government agencies promote both decaying animal protein and/or mutton fat-kerosine brews as also being effective against possums and wallabies. We have not tested our repellents on these pests as we do not have the means based on our 'meagre' resources, however we believe that these repellents are repulsive to a wide range of browsers. We welcome feedback! 

Goats or Stock?...expect mixed results. FATBANG would be the better alternative of the two repellents for these pests.

Do these repellents kill maim or injure animals?

NO... both FATBANG and BANGBANG are pest repellents only. They are repulsive to a wide range of herbivore browsers that damage plants, seedlings and trees. Unlike leg-hold traps and agrichemical poisons they do not maim or cause suffering. Our odour-based repellents use 100% natural active ingredients that encourage browsers to dine elsewhere. Treated seedlings and plants will be a last resort food source.

Do these repellents pollute the environment?

NO... consumers now demand safer and natural products and this is our basic mission! Both FATBANG and BANGBANG are based on 100% natural active ingredients that are sourced from our primary industries as byproducts, and therefore need no further processing to extract them.  Agri-chemical sprays like calcium chloride or thiram may work but are toxic to both the user and environment. Although both FATBANG and BANGBANG are safe to use best-practice advice is to wear a mask to avoid breathing in the mix.



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