FATBANG is 12% emulsified beef-mutton fat

FATBANG rabbit repellent

Tallow has been used successfully in Europe for over a decade as an animal repellent to control deer & browsing pests from damaging trees, plants, food, horticultural and forage crops. Tallow works by emitting a natural odour, taste and texture that is repulsive to animals. Provides protection for up to 4-6 months.

FATBANG is an oil-in-water emulsion of 12% rendered beef-sheep fat in a spray that is applied to trees and plants. The fat works as a natural rainfast sticker-spreader that adheres to the plant for long term effectiveness. Plants and trees treated with FATBANG will serve as a last-resort food source for browsers, encouraging them to dine elsewhere!

FATBANG is supplied in a 4L container and treats 200 seedlings.

The FATBANG advantage:

  1. The smell, taste and texture of FAT is repulsive to a wide range of browsers
  2. A new innovative animal repellent not previously available here  
  3. Does NOT harm the tree
  4. 100% natural active ingredients
  5. Uses byproduct from our meat processing industries
  6. Easy to apply - just spray as-is with no mixing
  7. Resistant to light and rain degradation
  8. Safe on the environment
  9. Effective for up to 6 months
  10. Horses are repulsed by FATBANG - prevents cribbing and chewing...Read Me
  11. Made in New Zealand

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