GREASEBANG is rendered animal fat formulated into a grease-like consistency for easy hand application. It is repulsive to herbivore pests that chew trees, plants and vegetation. It is the best hare, rabbit and deer repellent on the market. Horses, possums and wallabies are similarly repulsed. The smell, taste and texture of fat deters browsing and encourages pests to move on. GREASEBANG is especially effective at preventing ring-barking by hares and rabbits!

Horses can be prevented from cribbing timber rails and stalls by smearing a coating of GREASEBANG onto surfaces.

Once applied GREASEBANG will form a rain-fast coating that will last for up to 9+ months depending on local conditions.

Store the container somewhere cooler out of direct sunlight. 

Prior to using GREASEBANG place the container overnight in a warm place or similar to soften the grease if it appears too stiff. Alternatively place it into a microwave for 3-4 minutes on low power!


  1. The smell, taste and texture of animal fat is repulsive to a wide range of herbivore browsers.

  2. Does NOT harm the tree.

  3. 100% natural active ingredients.

  4. Uses by-product from our meat processing industries.

  5. Easy to apply. Use as-is just wipe on with no mixing needed.

  6. Resistant to light and rain degradation. Immediately rain-fast.

  7. Safe on the environment

  8. Effective for up to 4-6 months

  9. Horses are repulsed by GREASEBANG - prevents cribbing and chewing...Read Me

  10. Made by us in New Zealand.

GREASEBANG coverage rates 


1 Litre


2 Litres


4 Litres


*Coverage is based on around 10mls of grease per average 300mm tree seedling or higher. Only a very light touch per growth point or leaf is needed.

deer repellent

hare repellent, possum repellent, deer repellent


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