Horse cribbing and chewing

Horses can be bad news when it comes to cribbing, chewing wood, eating seedlings & plants, or debarking established trees. There are various temporary horse repellent options on the market including DIY brews, hot sauces, essential oils, garlic, etc...all of which are useless! For cribbing there are electric collars, chemicals, even surgery, etc. 

FATBANG is 12% beef-sheep fat emulsified into a spray-on liquid that is repulsive to horses.  GREASEBANG is rendered animal fat in a grease form and is more long term suitable for smearing onto timber stalls and timber where cribbing is apparent. Both GREASEBANG and FATBANG repel horses through odour, texture and taste. 

To repel horses just spray the trees to be protected. To prevent tree trunk debarking coat with GREASEBANG. Both repellents are fat based and repulsive to horses, without the use of nasty chemicals.


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