BANGBANG is ovine blood & bone protein + egg protein + fish protein - making a potent multi-redundancy repellent that is repulsive to browsers. It remains effective on the plant for 4-6 weeks. An additional benefit is that the NPK inherent in the mix will help feed and nurture the plant thereby boosting resilience and growth.

BANGBANG comes as a 500mL concentrate that makes up a total 5L final spray and treats up to 250 young seedlings. For an investment of around 20 cents per tree this will improve your trees' chances of survival! 

If you were to pre-spray your seedlings when packed in bulk before planting then the spray will go alot further!   

NOTE: We are currently working on a 1L bottle which would double the final spray volume to 10L and treat 500 seedlings. Watch this space!

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