FATBANG 550 - 11 Litres



FATBANG is 12% animal fat emulsified into a spray. Once applied it forms a rain-fast fat coating on the target plant that gives off an odour and texture that is repulsive to tree browsers. It lasts 4-6 months on the plant and is resistant to rain and light degradation. 

FATBANG 550 is an 11 litre pack that treats about 550 young seedlings. For an investment of around 14 cents per tree this will improve your trees chances of survival! 

*** NOTE: The cost of the 9L and 11L packs are the same as we do not charge any extra for the fluid, however the 11 litre pack attracts freight at a higher rate due to the extra weight. It costs another $11.20 for north island and $17.00 for north island shipping. 

SKU: FB550

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