GREASEBANG 1 is a 1L wipe-on grease repellent that protects around 100 seedlings 9+ months



GREASEBANG comes in a handy 1L pack if you have just a few trees. 

GREASEBANG is a unique blend of rendered animal fat formulated to a grease-like consistency. It is repulsive to tree-browsing and ring-barking pests. Deer, hares and rabbits are the biggest culprits, and GREASEBANG is an effective first line of defence to protect your investment from these pests!

GREASEBANG has a 6 month or more protection profile. 

Use a plastic glove or old plastic bag and touch or smear the grease onto areas of the tree most at risk of attack - like the end of growth points. Coat tree trunks for ring-barking pests. TRIAL some grease first on your trees to assess how well they tolerate the grease. Some trees are more sensitive than others. 

This listing is for a 1 litre container. 


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