Our Animal Repellents Are Repulsive To Tree-Browsing Pests!




New Zealand has few animal repellent alternatives when it comes to pests browsing our trees, seedlings, shelter-belts, forestry and plants. There are either home-DIY brews, egg + resin mixes, agrichemical poisons, or imported variants. PESTBANG has used innovation to create new repellents for the New Zealand landscape to help prevent damage to trees from grazing herbivore pests!

GREASEBANG is blended animal fat

GREASEBANG is a unique blend of animal fat formulated to a grease-like consistency for wiping onto trees and seedlings that need protection from browsing and ring-barking pests. 

GREASEBANG is repulsive to herbivores - particularly deer, hares, rabbits, possums, wallabies - that attack trees and plants. The fat coating is naturally rain-fast and adheres to the plant for long term efficacy. Plants and trees treated with GREASEBANG will encourage these pests to dine elsewhere! It is unsurpassed as a rabbit and deer repellent.

GREASEBANG gives long term protection for 9+ months and is supplied in various sizes. 

FATBANG is 12% emulsified animal fat

FATBANG is an oil-in-water emulsion of 12% rendered animal fat that is sprayed onto trees and plants. The fat works as a natural rain fast sticker-spreader that adheres to the plant for long term efficacy. FATBANG is repulsive to grazing herbivore pests - particularly deer, rabbits and hares, wallabies and possums. Plants and trees treated with FATBANG will serve as a last-resort food source for these browsing pests! 

FATBANG protects tree seedlings for 6+ months and is supplied in various sized containers for immediate application with no mixing required. 

BANGBANG is ovine blood & bone + egg protein + fish oil

BANGBANG is an emulsified animal protein spray-on repellent that not only repels browsers but also nurtures trees and plants. NPK inherent in blood & bone and fish protein also feeds and boosts plant resilience and health. Natural stickers and spreaders in the oils adhere to the plant to prolong efficacy. BANGBANG is repulsive to pest browsers. Protects seedlings for around 6+ weeks. 


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