What is the best rabbit repellent?


Rabbit or hare damage can be devastating to the tree seedling. The plant is very vulnerable in its juvenile stage because a chomping pest can usually reach both the growth side tips and the growth point at the top of the plant. One bite and it will distort growth, plus set the plant back a season or two until it can recover. Either that or the tree will die. 


For a 4-6+ month protection shield then our fat-based repellents are ideal. However it depends on whether you have the time and/or a small or large number of trees planted. If you can spare the time and effort then GREASEBANG is the most effective repellent on the market. NOTHING compares!  A quick wipe-on of our grease will significantly reduce predation of your trees. 

If you have a large number of seedlings and want faster application then use FATBANG - that's fat in a sprayable form. You'll need a decent backpack sprayer.


For a 6-9+ week protection shield where you also want a NPK boost to the tree then use BANGBANG. It is a 1:9 part concentrate, so 1L of BANGBANG will make 10L final spray. It is repulsive to browsing pests due to the oxidising animal protein smell.  If you have the time and can revisit monthly then this is a good solution.  It is probably a good investment to do a monthly visit anyway, to keep an eye on your trees, prune off dead bits and do a bit of weeding. 


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