What is the best deer repellent to protect trees?


Our FATBANG or GREASEBANG are the most effective repellents on the market...nothing compares! The smell, texture and appearance of the FAT will repulse pests and save your trees.

GREASEBANG is mostly animal fat formulated into a grease. FATBANG is emulsified sprayable fat. BOTH are effective repellents. 

Sure, GREASEBANG needs a bit of work, you need to don an old glove or plastic bag, scoop out a bit of grease and wipe it onto each plant, especially the growth points. For ring-barking protection it is the best there is, just coat the trunk with a grease layer and leave it. The fat is a natural sticker-spreader on the plant in the sense that no resin or acrylic additives are required to make it adhere to the plant. 

Our FATBANG repellent is 12% fat in a sprayable form...so use that for large volume tree seedling situations. Herbivores are repulsed by animal fat. BOTH repellents work well!


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