Because of Labour government bullshit and waste!

Fuel is taxed to the limit by this Labour-Greens government - over 1/2 of the cost is TAX so that they can employ more back-office bureaucrats for more waste, waffle, wokeness and whatever - like giving $2.75m to the mongrel mob instead of Womens Refuge! With the Greens running the place they'll drive you off the road and onto a bicycle with $10 per litre of fuel to save the planet - which really means more pine trees and bureaucrats in safe cushy Wellington jobs making sure we all use the correct pronouns, banning free speech and labelling everything 'misinformation' if you don't agree with them. I mean we need MORE pen-pushers, regulation, oversight, rules, control, etc so why not whack the cost onto fuel? So that cost runs through the entire economy, closes businesses, ramps up our input costs, NZ Post rates and inflation. 

Tax and government waste and PC bullshit is running small businesses like ours into the ground, no one wants to pay the freight cost. Some of our input costs have tripled over 18 months. We are really sorry about our price increases, and the cost of shipping our repellents out to you.  


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