Are imported repellents better?

NO and here's why!

As you know kiwis are the worlds most innovative number-8-wire inventors! No-one makes electric fences better than us, and we export to the world. Yet some animal repellent products are still imported - mostly from either the USA or UK...ridiculous! 

Firstly, the energy and CO2 footprint to make the stuff, package it, transport it across the world then retail it here is ridiculous. Consumers now demand natural alternatives made locally for our conditions, not imports from the other side of the world. And in the same way that European consumers disparage our exports because of food-miles, well the same should apply in reverse! 

To rub salt into the wound a plant-systemic UK product sold here in Mitre10 and elsewhere called Grazers purports to repel everything including white butterfly, snails, slugs, rabbits and possums, etc. Oh really? Why not include emus, rhinos and pugs in the list?  They just repackage exactly the same garbage into different bottles with a different label claiming that the same mix can repel a deer as well as a slug! Pommie bullshit!

Well firstly there are NO possums in the UK because the weather's so bad they all packed up and left years ago, so how can they claim it's effective on possums when they can't test on them? Don't believe the bullshit claim! Plus it's a bit ironic that the poms were the ones responsible for importing rabbits and hares (plus ferrets, stoats, weasels, hedgehogs, gorse...) in the first place 200 years ago, now they have the bare-arsed cheek to sell us a repellent...ha ha!  

Give us your support and in a few years PESTBANG will export back to them and return the insult! The reality is that a product developed and tested on the other side of the planet for badgers, moles and pommie rabbits is not relevant for kiwi pests! I mean those guys can't even play decent rugby. 

Then there's a dried blood powder Plantskydd that comes in from overseas. Well once sprayed it looks and smells like an abattoir and leaves blood-stains everywhere, can be very offensive to use and induce vomiting if you are a bit sensitive. Look up reviews on Amazon for yourself. They claim 6 months protection - well that's bollocks - as a protein repellent it will last about a month as it will oxidise and fade in light and air! 

The bottom line is:

  • Our pest repellents are not offensive to the user but are to the browser.

  • We test make it here in New Zealand.

  • Our repellents have not been shipped from the other side of the world.

  • We support kiwi jobs and ALL our ingredients and inputs support other kiwi jobs!



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