Do I apply repellent before or after planting trees?

Ok we have had a few angry customers! But it's all to do with possums, deer or hares/rabbits dining out on their nice newly planted seedlings without any form of repellent or fencing or prowling dogs on the job.

The solution is to apply protection BEFORE you plant your trees and walk away hoping that a pest will not pay a visit. Don't trust the buggers that they will leave your trees alone. A newly planted row of seedlings is like a beacon, an invitation to have a munch at your expense. Sadly the seedling may never recover, or will set its growth back several years, or will result in a distorted tree.

So our (very unbiased independent) advice is to expect the worst right from the start and apply our repellents, and DO NOT assume that the furry locals will respect your new seedlings.

This advice is the same for whatever pest is around - possums thru to deer - they will have a munch on the first night or any night your seedlings go into the ground. 

For low volumes use GREASEBANG as the grease is highly repulsive to pests. For faster coverage for large volumes use FATBANG!


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