GREASEBANG Animal Repellent

GREASEBANG is animal fat formulated into a grease-like consistency for easy application onto trees and seedlings that need protection from herbivore browsing pests. This is long term protection 9+ months depending on conditions.

GREASEBANG is supplied in a 1, 2 or 4 litre container and is ready to use with no mixing required. It should be in a soft grease-like state when used to make it easier to spread. Depending on ambient temperature the viscosity of the grease will vary.

Coverage rates depend on seedling size - for a 300ml average seedling use about 10 mls per tree so a 1 litre pack will protect about 100 seedlings. If you have a 1 metre tree and want to treat the growth points and some leaf edges then you might use 10-20 mls per tree. 

Leave in a warm place overnight before applying if it appears too hard or microwave it for 3-4 minutes ON LOW. 

Get a plastic glove or small plastic bag and dig out a small handful of the grease, then smear or touch that onto tree leaves, stems and trunks or wherever protection is required. Just a LIGHT TOUCH IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRED. There is no need to drown the plant, just dab on a thin layer. More can be applied to trunks if ring-barking is likely to occur or already apparent.

In hot direct sun GREASEBANG may soften but that is ok since it will help disperse the fat coat onto the target surface thereby enhancing protection.  For pre-planted seedlings just give them a light touch at the tips before planting, that's the most likely spot for attack.

Although GREASEBANG is safe to use on most trees, we recommend to trial some on your target plants if in doubt and leave it for a week to test if the grease is compatible in those prevailing conditions. So in hot drying weather and winds – especially in drought conditions – a more conservative approach is better. Trees should be in good, hydrated condition and not stressed before applying the grease. Also it would probably not be a good idea to add other sprays onto the tree in addition to GREASEBANG. A light touch is best!

There is no expiry date for GREASEBANG so it can be kept stored for long term use, but KEEP IT WELL SEALED OUT OF THE SUN. Normal room temperature storage or less is ideal. 

Wash hands thoroughly after use and keep out of reach of children!

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